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EuropeanIssuers Capital Markets Webinar Series Programme

29 September 2020 - ESG: How to Improve the Value of the ESG Disclosure?

20 October 2020 - SRDII

17 November 2020 - Digitalisation of Capital Markets

10 December 2020 - Sustainable Finance



  • Sirpa Pietikäinen, MEP, EPP, Member of ECON Committee
  • Tomas Thyblad, Vice President, Head of ESG Solutions, European Markets, Nasdaq
  • Dr Christine Negrini, CSR Senior Manager, RWE AG 
  • Bertrand Janus, Investor Relations - CSR Reporting Manager, Total

Please click here for the full agenda. 

This webinar session is partnered by Nasdaq.


Topic: SRDII
11.00 - 12.00


Significant progress has been achieved through the Shareholder’s Rights Directive II (SRD II) and its implementing regulation when it comes to exercising shareholder rights and processing corporate actions cross-border. However, there are still two outstanding issues. First, a thorough assessment of the impact of SRD II rules on corporate actions processes is pending and there is need for further harmonization in this area. Second is the harmonisation of shareholder definition. The second problem was put forward also during the Capital Markets Union High-Level Forum (CMU HLF), and it arises due to the reliance of the SRD II on the Member States’ definition of the ‘shareholder’. This webinar will discuss whether the ‘shareholder’ definition leads to significant difficulties for intermediaries and issuers in the process of identification, as well as for shareholders to exercise their rights, especially in a cross-border context, and will explore possible solutions in reaching an EU harmonised definition considering that in most Member States the notion is already based on the end-investor concept.


European economic recovery post-covid in many ways depends on reviewing its capital markets. Europe has to discover ways to make public equity and debt financing more attractive for SMEs and, generally, reduce the entry barriers for accessing capital markets. The solutions to today’s challenges faced by listed companies pass by technology and digitalisation of capital markets. In line with this, the Capital Markets Union High Level Forum Final Report sets out recommendations for moving the EU capital markets forward and highlights what capital markets need in terms of technology and digitalisation. This webinar discusses what digitalisation of capital markets implies for issuers, what they need to do to adapt, how they fit into the ecosystem and what policy makers have been doing to drive digitalisation forward.



Topic: Sustainable Finance
11.00 - 12.00


Many EU corporates are international leaders on sustainability-relevant transparency and disclose relevant environmental and social information in their respective sectors. However, asset managers and investors seem to have difficulties when trying to incorporate it within valuation models, business strategies and decision-making. The European Union has taken sustainability concerns into account in its financial policies since 2013. This sustainable finance focused webinar discusses what else can be done to appease increasing pressure on EU corporates for more reporting requirements on their non-financial performance while avoiding undermining the level playing field vis-à-vis their global counterparts.