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Our members consist of ordinary members (both national associations, representing issuers and issuers) and associate members. Our member companies are EU companies quoted on the stock exchange, from various sectors – manufacturing, consumer services, utilities, finance, insurance, pharmaceutical and others. The associate members are natural or legal persons who become a member of EuropeanIssuers in a supporting or observer capacity on the ground of their taking an active interest in the issues within the scope our purpose.

EuropeanIssuers currently covers 13 European countries (Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, the UK) and 26 companies. Our national associations members represent the largest part of their country’s market capitalisation and have a strong base in the real economy.

Why join EI?

Keep up to date with latest regulatory changes

Members receive first-hand information on the decisions of the EU affecting quoted companies through bi-monthly email bulletin newsletters, newsflashes and policy roundup emails.

Have your voice heard

Members influence EU policymakers by contributing to EuropeanIssuers’ position papers widely heard by EU institutions and become part of an efficient and successful network of experts through Working Groups and Policy Committees.

Network with peers

Members meet high-level policymakers and key players of the European financial regulation and participate to conferences, events and roundtable discussions with investors and other stakeholders.

How to join as a member?

The criteria for membership of EuropeanIssuers are laid out in Article 6 of the Bylaws.
Eligible for ordinary membership are the following:

  • Industrial, commercial and services companies of which the equity securities are publicly traded on stock exchanges in Europe
  • Entities, including national associations or federations, that represent traded companies and are established in any state in Europe.

Candidates are required to sign an application form. Applications to join are subject to approval by the Board of Directors of EuropeanIssuers.

Application form

Associate Members

Associate members are organisations interested in following EuropeanIssuers’ activities such as participating in Working Groups, attending special events and networking with regular members, although they do not meet the requirements to become regular members. They have access to all EI activities with the exception of voting rights during the Annual General Assembly.