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Working Groups

EuropeanIssuers has the following internal working groups:

  • EMIR - chaired by Vittorio D'Ecclesiis (ENI, Italy)
  • Corporate Reporting co-chaired by Elisabeth Gambert (Afep, France) & Lé Quang Tran Van (Afep, France)
  • Supervisory Reporting - chaired by Vittorio D'Ecclesiis (ENI, Italy)
  • Capital Markets Union - chaired by Gerrit Fey (Deutsches Aktieninstitut, Germany)
  • Securities Law & Markets’ Infrastructure - chaired by Pierre Marsal (ANSA, France)
  • Corporate Governance I - chaired by Odile de Brosses (Afep, France)
  • Corporate Governance II (proxy advisors & institutional investors) - chaired by Pierre Marsal (ANSA, France)
  • Public Country-by-Country Reporting - chaired by Pierre Marsal (ANSA, France)
  • Prospectus - chaired by Lé Quang Tran Van (Afep, France)
  • Market Abuse - chaired by Paola Spatola (Assonime, Italy)
  • Company Law - chaired by Valentina Allotti (Assonime, Italy)
  • Corporate Bonds - chaired by Lé Quang Tran Van (Afep, France)
  • Financial Transaction Tax - chaired by Lé Quang Tran Van (Afep, France)

Please note that only direct members of EuropeanIssuers are eligible to participate in Working Groups. If you meet this condition and are interested in being a member of one of these groups, please do not hesitate to contact us at For more information, please see terms of reference. Please note that this information will only be updated quarterly.